"It being the 'Law of the Land', you cannot avoid paying taxes. You can however, assure yourself that the money you paid in, is not wasted on corruption, or other nefarious ends which include ignorance, stupidity, laziness or other careless wastes. You will be required by that compliance with the law, to participate in the oversight that avoids waste of any kind. The way to begin that task is to speak out with others when you are notified or otherwise informed of misapplication of your tax dollars."             
                                                "From the Pen Warmed in Hell"     published in 1902

      The Mindful Dissenters are hereby informing you, the reader, of grossly ignorant, and yes, what very clearly appears to be "lazy, stupid, careless waste" of the tax dollars of the citizens of Fort Worth, Texas, but also the careless and needless exposure to Chemical Agents; which on more than one occasion were acts of "Breach of Fiduciary Duty" as we describe here below.
        A " Fiduciary" is a designation derived from Roman law, and defined as; "a person holding the trust and full faith of another, and the accompanied DUTY requiring scrupulous good faith and candor, when handling the affairs of those who appointed them as their 'Fiduciary'. Betrayal of that 'duty' is a 'breach' or 'breaking' of that trust."

       What we intend to do here is sanctioned by the US Constitution, and even though it may not benefit the lives of those whom we expose here; we are exercising not only free speech, but also 'due process', and will be benefiting the lives of many more than just a few. We are very proud to be called "whistle blowers"; and are 'blowing it loud and clear'. When people do not demand transparency in their local government, how can they possibly expect it anywhere else?

"Breach of Fiduciary Duty"


            We will reveal here, that Mr. Brandon Scott Bennett, Director of Code Compliance for the City of Fort Worth, Texas committed "Breach of Fiduciary Duty", a "tort", several times since 2012. We can verify this with documentation detailed in references below. The many incidences are in each case a "cause of action" themselves, but we will for the present focus on the events that occurred in 2016. We are hereby informing the citizens that a 'cause of action' will soon be filed in a court of competent jurisdiction for these instances of "Breach of Fiduciary Duty" and we are notifying the taxpayers of Fort Worth, Texas of an opportunity to join us and participate in the legal process and enforce their rights as taxpayers and citizens. 
"Elements of a cause of action for 'Breach of Fiduciary Duty' are the following"

  1. The plaintiff and the defendant had a 'fiduciary relationship'. 
  2. The defendant breached a fiduciary duty to the plaintiff.
  3. The defendant's breach resulted in

                 (1)  injury to the plaintiff; or (and)
                 (2)  benefit to the defendant.

The Comments of Mark Twain

The Mindful Dissenters