​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​            Watching out for news: "fake"--- or otherwise

         We refer here to a front page story of the Fort Worth Star Telegram, on 10 October 2012,  which details information where the Tarrant County Health Department reported that as of Aug 25, (2012);  "In the three hardest-hit North Texas counties, Dallas, Tarrant, Denton---the West Nile virus infected more than 80,000 people, health officials now estimate. Most had only minor headaches and fevers or no symptoms AT ALL of the Mosquito borne virus".     
         This is a very important fact, and taking the comparison on the previous page, where the newly emerging mosquitos will simply acquire the WNV from the wild bird population; IT IS ONLY LOGICAL that those 80,000 people who tested positive for WNV, are NOW  able to  infect the Mosquitos that bite THEM with "WNV" in the very same manner the wild birds and other animals infect those mosquitos with  the same virus.

         This also directly indicates that the disease known as "West Nile Virus" cannot possibly be as severe as so many have been lead to believe. Indeed, statistical studies from many sites, especially the Centers For Disease Control "CDC",  reveal that it is less than 0.07% of the population that experiences the most severe reactions to the virus and in every single case; they already had a compromised immune system.  As revealed above, the reader may wish to submit a blood sample to the facility of their choice simply to test for a presence of "WNV"  . 

        In addition to this there is some new evidence being revealed that the "West Nile Virus" CAN, in some cases, act as a "symbiotic". To be accurate the individual who carries the "WNV", is endowed with a certain protection against "OTHER viral infections"; such as one or more of the Avian Flu Viruses (bird flu) and others. This is not an uncommon occurrence, to be brief on the subject; the  "symbiotic virus" that does not reveal itself in symptoms,  is intolerant of another virus that may be infecting/invading its "human host".  More research is needed and we are sure that others will rise to the challenge.  

         "Information is Knowledge, Knowledge is Power"                                                   Shaka Zulu

     As of the beginning of the 2017 'Mosquito Season', Mr. Bennett has made the obviously intelligent choice and has discontinued the needless chemical assaults and waste of tax dollars in the City of Fort Worth. Our legal counsel has advised us that we have a limited time frame to follow through with our civil complaint, and that if we are able it would be wise to consider following other paths. 

We have as of this date: 29 September 2017, decided to withhold our Civil actions against Mr. Bennett as described on the previous page.

     We are now centering our attention on a very serious matter that has developed in Dallas County, which is listed below under the heading of "Fed. Criminal Complaint. 


         The same lack of control over the product being sprayed or fogged would apply to the incidence  of " Pesticide Drift " which like the phrase implies is simply defined as : "Pesticides; (which includes any chemicals whether pesticide or herbicide) that are broadcasted or released into the atmosphere, via spraying/fogging over an intended area,  either from the ground or from the air, are then CARRIED by the WIND in any direction, to another site that was NOT the intended target in the original application.  The exact comparison of the concept would essentially be the same as the example of the smoke from your neighbor's barbeque grill, is blown by the wind over the fence,  and if your window is open; right there into YOUR home. 

          In fact, once the chemical agents are sprayed or fogged, the individual(s) who are distributing them have ABSOLUTELY no control over where it will eventually land. This would include the "back yard mosquito misters" that are currently on the market, and we expect many civil actions in the future when more people understand the DANGERS TO OTHERS,  with carelessly hazardous conduct by a relatively few people who choose such mindless and ill-informed remedies to existing problems.  They THEN create other equally serious problems in the process. As long as others are willing to stay silent they will most likely do as they please.



                  " Your Life is in Your Own Hands; don't drop it"............​author unknown.

We have been notified that Mr. Bennett has made an intelligent decision and no longer orders the broadcasting of chemical agents to control a disease that cannot be controlled in such a manner.  He seems to have learned from his mistakes, but there are other, more recent offenders and in addition to the class action suit we are initiating in the Fort Worth jurisdiction; we are filing a federal criminal complaint the details here below.

​​We have filed a Federal Criminal Complaint against , Zackary S. Thompson

Director, Dallas County Health and Human Services, Dallas County Texas for violating the following statutes:

18 USC Chapter 63, Sec 1343; "Wire Fraud"​;                                                                                                  18 USC Chapter 63, Section 1344; ​ "Bank Fraud". 


 ​"Silence is consent" is not an idle statement. These public employees do not have our silence.

​We are 'whistle blowing' to their 'boss'-----the TAX PAYERS, the people who pay their salaries and provide them with their benefits with those tax dollars. 

                                                  Unavoidable Conclusions and Actions

​                                         Public Service Announcements; via YouTube video

​   We believe that it is important for the members of the communities that have been impacted by the incidences we reveal here, to be aware of our future obligations and the plans to fulfill them. This notice is directed to the Citizens of Fort Worth Texas, Grand Prairie, Texas, and Dallas County, Texas. Without immediate action by the members of these communities, we will have no other choice but to produce and publish the following:

                                                             ​TRAVEL ALERTS                           

​       Public Travel Alerts; warning the public to avoid the locations that are revealed in the video to continue the practice we charge is outdated,  hazardous, and dangerous to everyone in the areas listed. We will release and publish in at least three languages, warnings revealing the irrefutable hazards of traveling through these areas in the night time hours, especially during the mosquito season, between March and November. This would of course require them to pay close attention and to save themselves needless effort and expense of time and money; we will advise them to just simply DRIVE AROUND THESE AREAS.

​                                             REAL ESTATE SALES DISCLOSURE

​       We will release at least one additional You Tube video,  as well as through several other distribution venues; video segments informing the local Realtors of the necessity to disclose these conditions in accordance with the 'Texas Property Code, Title 2, Conveyances, Chapter 5, Sec 5.008; "Sellers Disclosure of Property", Notice #4, "Are YOU (seller) aware of the following conditions?" "Hazardous or Toxic Waste" this in addition to the; Texas Association of Realtors form; "Sellers Disclosure Notice" "ANY condition of or on the property that materially effects the health or SAFETY of an individual". Being needlessly exposed to chemical agents that you are not allowed by law to know the contents of is a direct THREAT AGAINST HEALTH AND SAFETY that everyone has the right to avoid. You simply need to know about it; to avoid it.

​​       Records will reveal that if a property was exposed to chemical agents in the manner and purpose we describe here, that it is subject to the same occurence in the future and to withhold this very serious information from a buyer (and we believe a lessor as well) would be a violation of the statute's intent.​​



The Mindful Dissenters