The Mindful Dissenters


        ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​           Watching  for news: "fake"--- or otherwise

         We refer here to a front page story of the Fort Worth Star Telegram, on 10 October 2012,  which details information where the Tarrant County Health Department reported that as of Aug 25, (2012);  "In the three hardest-hit North Texas counties, Dallas, Tarrant, Denton---the West Nile virus infected more than 80,000 people, health officials now estimate. Most had only minor headaches and fevers or no symptoms AT ALL of the Mosquito borne virus".     
         This is a very important fact, and taking the comparison on the previous page, where the newly emerging mosquitos will simply acquire the WNV from the wild bird population; IT IS ONLY LOGICAL that those 80,000 people who tested positive for WNV, are NOW  able to  infect the Mosquitos that bite THEM with "WNV" in the very same manner the wild birds and other animals infect those mosquitos with  the same virus.

         This also directly indicates that the disease known as "West Nile Virus" cannot possibly be as severe as so many have been lead to believe. Indeed, statistical studies from many sites, especially the Centers For Disease Control "CDC",  reveal that it is less than 0.07% of the population that experiences the most severe reactions to the virus and in every single case; they already had a compromised immune system.  As revealed above, the reader may wish to submit a blood sample to the facility of their choice simply to test for a presence of "WNV"  . 

        In addition to this there is some new evidence being revealed that the "West Nile Virus" CAN, in some cases, act as a "symbiotic". To be accurate the individual who carries the "WNV", is endowed with a certain protection against "OTHER viral infections"; such as one or more of the Avian Flu Viruses (bird flu) and others. This is not an uncommon occurrence, to be brief on the subject; the  "symbiotic virus" that does not reveal itself in symptoms,  is often intolerant of another virus that may be infecting/invading its "human host".  More research is needed and we are sure that others will rise to the challenge.  

         "Information is Knowledge, Knowledge is Power"                                                   Shaka Zulu


         The same lack of control over the product being sprayed or fogged would apply to the incidence  of " Pesticide Drift " which like the phrase implies is simply defined as : "Pesticides; (which includes any chemicals whether pesticide or herbicide) that are broadcasted or released into the atmosphere, via spraying/fogging over an intended area,  either from the ground or from the air, are then CARRIED by the WIND in any direction, to another site that was NOT the intended target in the original application.  The exact comparison of the concept would essentially be the same as the example of the smoke from your neighbor's barbeque grill, is blown by the wind over the fence,  and if your window is open; right there into YOUR home. 

          In fact, once the chemical agents are sprayed or fogged, the individual(s) who are distributing them have ABSOLUTELY no control over where it will eventually land. This would include the "back yard mosquito misters" that are currently on the market, and we expect many civil actions in the future when more people understand the DANGERS TO OTHERS,  with carelessly hazardous conduct by a relatively few people who choose such mindless and ill-informed remedies to existing problems.  They THEN create other equally serious problems in the process. As long as others are willing to stay silent they will most likely do as they please.


         " Your Life is in Your Own Hands; don't drop it"............​author unknown; but was a widely quoted phrase during the Vietnam War, another of America's illegal wars; that they did not win.

In addition to other possible 'civil actions' in other jurisdictions, we have made the following charges in the Federal jurisdiction.

​We have filed a Federal Criminal Complaint against , Zackary S. Thompson who, even though he was fired recently, still is subject to prosecution for these charges which carry a 7 and 10 year statute of limitations. These charges are listed below.

Director: Dallas County Health and Human Services, Dallas County Texas for violating the following statutes: 18 USC Chapter 63, Sec 1343; "Wire Fraud"​;   and                                                                           18 USC Chapter 63, Section 1344; ​ "Bank Fraud",  ​and we are patiently waiting for a response from the Federal prosecutor in Dallas concerning that criminal complaint.

​Mr. Thompson was 'fired' "for other reasons" from his position which he abused in many ways, but our charges are still pending and carry a statute of limitations of between 7 and 10 years.

We will not give up the challenge; stay with us on this one.

  In the meantime we have additional charges against the Tarrant County District Attorney and one of her assistants who are named here in the second attachment. Patience has its limits however and ours' is being tested. In the case of the Tarrant County District Attorney, we have available to anyone who requests copies documents (several) of at least one other case of her exhibiting extreme corruption,  where the T.C.D.A. refused to prosecute a case which contained an 'extra judicial confession' of no less than 4 felony counts of crimes committed by a Fort Worth Police Officer, against a senior citizen whom they all new was also a Veteran.  We believe that the time for her to 'answer to the people' is long overdue and we hope that those who agree with us will have the courage to speak up. We will add more information to this situation soon.



                             We have some fantastic news to share.

   We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from two of the local Veteran's groups whos members are beginning to understand just how much the Tarrant County District Attorney has jeopardized their health and safety as well as their rights to equal protection of the laws. These members of a very diverse community have much in common but one thing they share that cannot be denied is that THEY EARNED their rights to equal protection of the law by their service in the US Military where they risked their lives, limbs and health to serve their country. 

​     When the Tarrant County District Attorney, Sharen Wilson, denied them the right to 'equal protection of the law'  with her criminal activity as detailed above; she underestimated MANY  factors but primarily the response that is NOW beginning to gain momentum. That will be explained in detail here:


​Be sure to 'check back' to this web page often.


        Sooner or later the Federal authorities will have to respond. To continue to sit by and do nothing is not OUR approach, and we as citizens of the USA have EVERY expectation to believe this should NOT be the 'approach' of our Federal prosecutors office. There ARE several alternatives to the current situation; the Federal prosecutor and others in the same positions of authority should understand that THEY are the ones who motivate 'others' to take actions when THEY sit on their hands and do nothing. Time will tell, but the people we have been meeting and talking with are not in a position to be delayed in finding relief from 'Chemical Assault' and the squandering of their 'hard earned' and in this case, shamefully wasted tax dollars. We may see shortly how 'contagious courage' actually is among the people of North Texas' two largest counties. 


 ​"Silence is consent" is not an idle statement. These public employees do not have our silence.

​We are 'whistle blowing' to their 'boss'-----the TAX PAYERS, the people who pay their salaries and provide them with their benefits with those tax dollars. 

                                                                 ​MORE  NEWS


​As stated above, we have been notified that two North Texas Veterans organizations which will be listed shortly, have begun the process to participate in our efforts. We welcome this new development and are looking forward to the potential of this participation. The Veterans of our community are truly the community leaders.  If any reader here is a member of any other organization that is unware of our invitation to participate in the 'democratic process', please have them contact us.

                                                  Unavoidable Conclusions and Actions​​

                                                             ​TRAVEL ALERTS                           

​       Public Travel Alerts; warning the public to avoid the locations that are revealed in the video to continue the practice we charge is outdated,  hazardous, and dangerous to everyone in the areas listed. We will release and publish in at least three languages, warnings revealing the irrefutable hazards of traveling through these areas in the night time hours, especially during the mosquito season, between March and November. This would of course require them to pay close attention and to save themselves needless effort and expense of time and money; we will advise them to just simply DRIVE AROUND THESE AREAS.



​                                    Please be  advised that as of 2/13/19 we will be editing this web/blog with updated information so please keep us on your 'watch list' we assure those who may be following our actions that some major changes are on the schedule and will make a very important impact for the future.          

         As of May 1, 2019 we now have volunteers, who will provide a very badly needed public service which we will detail here. 

       We will shortly begin listing the names and locations of "other offenders" in the D/FW area, listed by the date that they were FIRST contacted by us; and the date(s) that they began to ignore our demands of fairness and integrity by following their "fiduciary duty" to their employers; the public, who pay their salaries, insurance and many other benefits. When they ignore their duty to those people, we call upon those people to respond in a manner that reveals their intolerance of those who would fail them.